Families experience joy & peace while exploring the fruit of the spirit!

Two little boys standing side by side. One boy is holding a red and white checkered box with the name Fruit of the Family on it. The box also has a bowl full of smiling fruit with the words "faith, family, fun" above it.

Calling all grownups!

Discover a delightfully fun family discipleship activity that's all about nurturing Christian character in children and inspiring parents to love their kids well.

ideal for kids ages 2-10 yrs

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Adult man and young girl standing in front of kitchen sink. Man is holding yellow bowl. Girl is washing a dark pink bowl in the sink. A pile of white dishes is next to the sink.

Made for for busy families

With Fruit of the Family, parents weave the fruit of the spirit verse right into their busy routines by turning everyday moments into ones of teaching and connection.

"The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

Galatians 5:22-23

Close up of a hand holding 4 cards that are part of the game. Card one shows smiling fruit doing motions for a bible verse. Card two shows colorful fruit of the spirit bible verse. Card 3 is titled Fruity Rewards and card 4 is titled Spiritual Fruit in Action and has 9 boxes-each with a piece of fruit describing one of the fruits of the spirit.

Part 1-Families learn together

Playful gestures and charming fruit characters engage the entire family in memorizing and exploring the fruit of the spirit verse

ideal for homeschool bible curriculum!

Close-up of a little girls face. She is smiling and holding a bag with the image of a fruit bowl on it. In the bag is a large group of tokens with pictures of smiling fruit on them.

Part 2-Kids enjoy earning

Kids then receive fruit tokens in their 'bowl' when they are 'caught' displaying one of the 9 fruits of the spirit. Tokens can be saved up for rewards, if desired!

🚫no bribing or asking for tokens!!

Asian woman with long hair sitting cross legged with little Asian girl with long braided hair in her lap. Girl is holding a white piece of paper with a pink heart on it.

Positive parenting inspires young hearts

As parents recognize and affirm behaviors that align with the fruits of the spirit, kids gain confidence in their ability to repeat those actions.

(example: "You showed kindness when you shared with your brother. God put that in your heart! Here's a kindness token for your bag")

Back of shoulders and head of a black man with child hugging his neck. Front of child's face with smile, closed eyes and hair are visible.

Big hearts change, too!

Parents notice that they, too, have become more positive, calm and peaceful in the process.

Tantrums, yelling and power struggles have been replaced with times of connection and gratitude.

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Red and white checkered game box is open and placed on a wooden table. A cut up apple is right next to it. The box top displays a bowl of smiling fruit with the words "faith, family, fun" above it. The name of the game, Fruit of the Family is on the box top. The contents of the box are visible in the open bottom portion of the box.


Simple format = no prep for busy parents and easily integrates into the daily routine.

Homeschool families love to use this for a bible curriculum!

I'm ready to invest in my family!

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What others are saying about Fruit of the Family:

  • Real-life application 👍

    "I love that it motivates the kids in a biblical manner! It really makes them think about the fruits of the spirit and how they can use them in everyday life." 

    Nick, dad of 4

    (ages 5-14)

  • Positive parents 😊

    We love using Fruit of the Family! I loved “catching” my kids doing positive acts throughout the day instead of focusing on the negative."

    Kara, mom of 2

    (ages 4 & 6)

  • Fits into daily life! ⏳

    "Noticing when kids are acting in a way that reflects an aspect of the fruit of the Spirit is a great a way to incorporate spiritual formation while just 'doing life' together."

    Lynne M.,

    leader of children's ministry at Thornapple Covenant Church

  • Great for grandparents, too! 👴

    "I bought this for a friend who is a grandfather to use when his grandkids come over. It's been a hit! I highly recommend it."

    Lorraine, mom of 2

    (ages 15 & 17)

  • Open-and-go bible curriculum!✝

    "This is a great product for any family doing devotions together or for a homeschool family who needs a great bible curriculum! We loved it and hope you do too!"

    Marita, homeschooling mom of 3

    (ages 3-7)

  • Homeschool friendly!🏠

    "Focusing on the fruits of the spirit has been a positive change for our family. I would recommend it to any family seeking to live in accordance with the spirit!"

    Leah, homeschooling

    mom of 5 (ages 3-9)