Frequently asked questions

Closeup of a red and white checkered game box with words Fruit of the Family on it sitting on a wood table. Smiling strawberry in the lower left corner. On top of box is a zipper bag that looks like a fruit bowl. Tokens with pictures of fruit on them are in the bowl and on laying on top of the bag.

Do parents play Fruit of the Family or is this just for kids?

Parents-your job is to help your kids memorize the verse (imperfectly is fine!) and learn what it means. When it's time to start collecting tokens, you get to decide if you want mom and dad to have a fruit bowl bag, too. Some families just have kids collecting tokens while others find it fun to also "spot" the parents displaying the fruit of the spirit and give them tokens as well! Just make sure you have enough supplies-each kit has enough for 4 players. Order additional supplies here if needed!

I have more than 4 children. How can I get extra supplies?

Extra supplies are available right here or go to our online store to find them. Make sure to get the right quantity! If you are having trouble ordering, please email us at hello@heartwriters.organd we will be happy to assist you.

Why are some of the tokens blank?

You may find that you are using more of one type of token than the rest. The blank tokens have been included so that your kids (or you) can make more as needed.

I don't know that much about the bible. How can I teach my kids about it?

If the thought of teaching your kids about the bible makes you kind of nervous, this is a very normal feeling! Hopefully you will find it reassuring to hear that you don’t need to be a biblical scholar or even a lifelong Christian to help your kids learn more about the bible. It is also ok to get Fruit of the Family for your kids and begin by telling them that you will all be learning together! The richest learning opportunities often occur when you are learning side-by-side with your child. You can relax in knowing that you don’t need to have all the answers. Your genuine desire to learn about the bible, your confession that you don’t know it all but will try hard to find answers, and most importantly your living, breathing example of Christ’s love is more than enough. 

Where could I learn more about the Christian faith?

Great question!! Please visit our Resources section for more.